Love Will Strangle You Forever

by Fawn Limbs



Cursed to abide loose morals
As the mouth of serpents
Thrive without consequence
Oblique mirth enthralls another prophet
Blurred veracities
Existence is an endless sermon
Preaching by the pound
Prone to the lust of corruption
As the mouths of serpents grow greater
To engulf this strain
Our ascetic and callous nest
Teethless masses fed with mindless bullshit
Beaten to submission
Consume chaos
Tongueless conjuring
Teethless masses fed with mindless bullshit
Constrain consent
Echo in history
The plague will find a way to flourish and persist
Perish by it's choking grasp
I am the lichen - I am the soil
And I breathe no more
Wash away my being - Into bone
Wash away my body - My cracking skin
Toss me into the river, watch my life desist and move on


released January 25, 2019
All music by Fawn Limbs
Reamped, mixed and mastered by Jeanne Artemis Strieder at Magma Art & Sound |


all rights reserved



Fawn Limbs

Geometric Noise
Mathematical Chaos

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