Harm Remissions

by Fawn Limbs

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FrickRazor666 thumbnail
FrickRazor666 Vicious, primal, raw, aggressive, and savagely violent. This shit will beat your ass, that is a promise. It’s dynamic as hell but never strays too far from the artillery. Well worth the price of admissions and then some. Favorite track: Trap Hanger.
warren barton
warren barton thumbnail
warren barton I anticipated Harm Remissions to be really good but I didn't expect it to be absolutely AWESOME!! The relentless battering of grinding riffs turns your head into mush, absolutely amazing album!! I LOVE THIS BAND!!! Favorite track: The Rigid Mute.
JC thumbnail
JC Wtf is up JACK!!!!! Favorite track: Ore Lung.
Jamie Platt
Jamie Platt thumbnail
Jamie Platt Eeli, Lee and Samuel are incredible on this. Amazing music.
are all the members of artificial brain in multiple kickass bands??? what else am I missing out on??
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Our debut full-length titled 'Harm Remissions' will be released digitally on August 2nd, 2019, and on vinyl early 2020 through Roman Numeral & Wolves And Vibrancy Records. Released on tape through Sludgelord Records.


released August 2, 2019

Fawn Limbs is:
Eeli Helin - Vocals, guitars, noise
Lee Fisher - Drums
Samuel Smith - Bass

Guest vocals by:
Andrew Hawkins - Baring Teeth (Track 13)
Champ Morgan - BLK OPS, Derelict Satellite, Kill the Client (Track 7)
Mitchell Luna - Maruta, Noisear (Track 9)
Guests wrote their own lyrics

Re-amped, mixed and mastered by Jeanne Artemis Strieder at Magma Art & Sound
Vocals recorded by Miiro Varjus at Wavescape Productions

Artwork/photography by Eeli Helin


all rights reserved



Fawn Limbs Pennsylvania

Geometric Noise
Mathematical Chaos

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Track Name: Odium Pitch
Dispatch the vessels of choler
Asphyxiation - Overflowing reservoir
The effervescent pale decapitator grinning fervently and staring into the deepening hole
Stretching the fingers laid under the axe
This is but a pleasant phase of desecrating public display
Limbs detached and thrown into a lidless bin
Orgiastic stalkers howl Maria
Saint duality, howling grandeur in murder
Exhaust and deplete
Odium worship, exhaust, deplete
Reduce the aimless plebeian swarm
Aimless swarm - Odium worship
Plague, filth breeds unrestrained
Lo! The infiltration of devastators
Cue the oppression, the deepening hole
Dispatch the vessels of choler
Asphyxiation - Overflowing reservoir
The effervescent pale decapitator grinning fervently and staring into me
Stretching my fingers
Stretching my skin
Wearing it as a gown of a sovereign
Flensing my head, flensing my head
Odium intrinsic
Track Name: Pines
Crude and bold oration
Pledging an endless torture
A lifetime spent in blur
Voicing the dire cluster
Gather all the scum under one black spire
Pale dregs rejoice
Flourish through the throes of the indigents
Pale dregs rejoice
Vile declaration
Dreading a nil form
Pine for an eternity in blur
Unicellular tumour behind the pulpit twitching it's limbs, the audience pegs for a stroke
Hoping for a definite final bawl
And the pale dregs rejoice
Track Name: Ore Lung
Explicit primal paradigm of our negligence
Rivaled merely by our lack of guilt
Consuming the coil of obdurate and fruitless humaneness
Irrelevant bodies thrusted to the rift
Marauding dead matter
Incoherent sinous queue, thwart and chastise
This is the moment we at last surpass the borderstones of self-evident rescue
Growth dispatched, flow through the lode
Liquid iron ore
Inhale the noxious vapour
The lungs infused with terminal toxins
The condemnation, execution through breathing
Our lavish means come to a halt in this pit
Chemical burns produced by the caustic shit of human nature
Cavities obstructed as the air leaves our molten cores
Explicit primal paradigm, consuming the coil of obdurate and fruitless flesh
Tepid echo of rescue abating
Marauded dead matter buried in molten ore
Track Name: Hubris Terrain Expansion
There's no way to restore the will of a wounded man looking up from the walless pit of spastic anguish
Baseless arrogance flooded
Drowned in vestal rheum
Pressure increasing, hubris terrain expansion
Drown in vestal rheum
Needlessly try to repair what has never been whole
Murder and bury the antic, obsolete form
Deprecated cautions broken by an absent weigher
A clog in the cesspool
Sinking below the sewage level
Lustrous gaze puncturing through my gaffs
Violently foraging my organs
Anxiously murder and bury me
Broken choir thundering, repressing my whining
All I see is a black hole resembling the crude voracious pit within
Pressure increasing, hubris terrain expansion
Drown in vestal rheum
Track Name: Threats Entrench And Renew
Under the weight of an err man turns from concrete to ash
Trapped in a vortex of faceless presence
Gnarled worm, a fucking faint biased bigot
A sage behind a digital veil
Flensed in the turmoil of reality
Gnawed, poor, appalling excuse of a being
A collared timid mongrel
With an armour of frail tongues
Tightening the grip please fucking choke
The mound of ash then strewn into a sewer
Stirred cesspit of vibrant thoughts
Twitching, headless grain
Cauterize, constrain
Ex-vertebrate snake
Cauterized, constrained
Twitching, headless grain
Under the weight of an err man turns from concrete to ash and from that ash, threats entrench and renew
Track Name: Wisdom Teething
Nesting bloodless, breathless objects
Plastic allure, coherence
Artificial nonexistence
Adoring their glitchy wit
Revering their expressionless, mangled faces
Nil icon
Pulsating skin of an engine
Lateral stabs, decontrol
Wisdom teething through the layers of this idle, synthetic occult deity
Nesting bloodless, breathless object
Shifting into extropian malformation
Optional conversion to a conscientious phase of anthropoid anomaly
Carelessness is our habitual rightness
Entitlement to push everything too far
Injected to our nature through the mother's milk
Wisdom teething through the layers of a nil icon
This is not your place to prosper
It won't yield before your fucking feet
Toxic galore
Here's no room for you to feed, no
Wisdom teething, singularitarianism
This is not your fucking place
Track Name: Random Optics
Three sides to a story
The bending of light
The bending of lies
In the middle
The truth dies
Believe the lies
You’ve been fed
Expose the nerve
Separate the herd
Random optics
The truth lies
The truth dies
Believe the lies
You’ve been fed
Track Name: The Rigid Mute
Humiliation of the cognition
Depopulation imminent
Evacuate the gawky with vigour
Decrepitation of old skin
Shatter the spineless
Amalgamation of the dominions petrified
Cleansing rains of ammonia
Open heart, a dissolution of an ochre crust
Keep me with thee, a memoir in a broken jar
Irrelevant dust, irrelevant
Aching bodies arched by colling ardor
A callous exit
I breathe, I feel, I dream of inevitable annihilation
I congeal to a clay icon of rejection
Petrified - Shaping a brown ouvre
I crack and break, cave in
Track Name: Gravitated
Adrenal twitch impulse
Paradigm shattered within
Embrace the inner void
Beg for closure
Forgiveness through cruelty
Gravitate from absolution
Craft an egocentric murder
Equalize the imbalance
Commit yourself as a victim
Forgiveness through cruelty
Gravitate from pardon
Forgiveness through cruelty
Track Name: Harm Remissions
Turbulence is the response to the ageless epochs gone quiet for too long
Implement sangfroid, commit a genocide
Don't look back
This is a mere renovation
Decentralize the pivotal morals
Abandon this narrow, putrid fucking hole
Don't look back
Our toxic vestige will disperse
Human tumour in remission
A migration of figures molded of grit and shaped by vehemence
Turbulence is the response
Abandon this narrow, putrid fucking hole
A migration of figures molded of grit and meant to only harm
Track Name: Trap Hanger
I am the prophet of inchoate deprivation
Insatiable in it's nascent condition
Dripping freedom
Snares hanging from the trees
Ambush from above
Bow and submit before the grand guillotine
Wordless howls departing from the gaping holes
Repulsive bodies falling limp, a languid collapse
Deadpan heads elapse at my bare feet
Deadpan heads encircling me
Track Name: No Good Men
All brawn broken
Bodies with a lichen cloak
Airless, stifled domain of retribution
Flourishing broad
Track Name: Peeled And Swathed In Vibrant Bark
Shed the veil of dignity
Violence and control: the mother tongue of a bastardized soul
Shred the skin off your specter of identity
Heinous killing of your sense of being

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