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Darwin Falls

by Fawn Limbs

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You've abandoned your homes and everything that you ever loved, and for what? You have voluntarily exchanged the dearest wishes for the screams for help from men you don't know. You have replaced the innocent, sky-blue beloved eyes for a set of empty dead ones. Told where to shit, where to stand, and how to proceed, yet you can't fathom what's wrong while you caress the ragged holes in your body instead of the heads and hair of those you adore. Wavering as you bask in a shower of lead and cast a naive plea to be anywhere but here. A tapering frame of light thrusting you into a state of incandescence, as the throes of fear set in. "Day three. I woke up in a bed made of hay and roots. For a brief but fleeting moment, I couldn't recall the incidents of the past days. This, however, changed drastically fast, as it all came back to me in a sole blink of an eye. I could vividly sort out each individual plea for help, each scream and cry, slowly receding. The shower of arrows and the hissing sputters. By then, I was fully awake. I arduously managed to stand up and tried to make sense of all the items and commodities I had gathered along the way, what to bring with me and what to leave behind. Recognizing shapes was difficult; I struggled to open my eyes, sealed with rheum and the congealed bits of shit and blood shrouding my entire body. I realized I needed to find water to drink and rinse myself with, but couldn't find even the pettiest pond. The drought had been punishing us for months, and it eventually led us here, to try and access resources that aren't ours to spend, that aren’t meant for us. Needless to say, we never got that satisfaction, as in our presumptuous arrogance, we couldn't have prepared to face the horrors, the dreads of what awaited us here. The ringing in my ears started to subside, not that there would've been anything else to hear. But I needed to stay alert, I had to."
Wound Hiss 06:32
Sinking into the clutches of a dreamless sleep as the voices that surrounded you slowly start to recede, and the sickening hum of the rattling bursts turn into silence. Can you see me? Can you feel my presence through the concrete walls of your sullen womb? Your ardour smothered with a gravel blanket, as your thirst for freedom, is quenched with soil, leaving a parched and grated throat unwatered. How come you twitch? Isn't this what you asked for? The pressure of earth and the toil of murder? Isn't this what you asked for? Do you remember the times and days when everything used to be just fine or have you replaced those memories with new, better ones you're more fond of? Can you cling onto them when your faceless foes drag you away? You've been led to believe in someone else's truth, yet now you're the one taking the fucking fall. And you were able to comprehend that only when the sickening hum of the rattling bursts turned into silence. "There was no sign of life within view, no matter which direction I took. At one point I came across footprints, and the overwhelming necessity of companionship clouded my comprehension. I didn't even consider if the trail was new, let alone safe to follow. It took a while for me to understand that these imprints on the desert sand, slowly being ebbed by the tepid wind, were indeed my own. Parched and weary, I felt like I had an invisible clutch on my throat, constantly clasping harder and harder. I measured the arid terrain that only seemed to expand upon every new glance. Due to the movement I couldn't physically endure much longer, the wounds all over my body started to bleed again; each step tore open another sore. The sand invaded my eyes and nose, the rag covering my mouth started to reek, and every breath I took only made it worse. I met a small heap of rocks that appeared like a monolithic structure, as there was nothing to contrast it, and decided to rest for a while, just for a second. I sat down, wiped my face, closed my eyes, and thought, how hell isn’t such an abstract image anymore."
Howling noise startled you awake but there's no one to be seen from your view. Thoughts burrow deep in that dismal hole, but you know that the reality tends to be worse. The crackling echo seems to stem from a body torn to smithereens. It bleeds and pleads, you can only gaze in awe, and wonder what are you supposed to do. So you kneel down and beat it until it's lifeless. This isn't the first time you've had to resort in to such measures, after all, and you grin in consummation. The throbbing joy reminds you why you're here in the first place. And why you never left back home, even though you had every chance and every right to try to escape and survive. You'd rather stay in this carnal hell, and refuse to let go. "I woke up abruptly, gasping, as each inhaling inflicted a poignant sting in my chest. Apparently something had bit me, as none of the other cuts burned the way this fresh one in my ankle did. Obviously unsettled and alarmed, I rummaged through my bag, scraping my fingers on the twigs as if I'd find anything from there. When the initial panic abated, I groped around my thoughts to realise I had a belt, the one I took from that one poor bastard trapped under two thousand pounds of deceased meat. The howls of agony and moans for help parting his cracked lips as I walked away still haunt me vividly, but I guess that's just life – I can't focus on dead things now."
A cloak, an ashen pelt to keep you warm in the black maw of night. But the darkness has its teeth, cutting their way into your head to dredge the hidden ore. Nauseating stench emerges as you throw the limbs to the fire pit. A beckoning voice reverberates in the spray, luring you to the vessel of harm. Dripping disgust and promises that will remain unfulfilled for years to come. Alone and broken, reminiscing a gentle swaying embrace from someone whose face you can't recall anymore. "The unfathomable black mire of night had fallen while I was phasing in and out of consciousness. I gathered the splayed clumps of dry sticks and leaves I sheafed the other day out of my bag and stacked them. I then struck stones together to try to create a fire, but it was useless. I couldn't muster the strength to continue trying, so I stopped. The moon lit the ground enough once the clouds dispersed, though it was very cold now. From the corner of my eye, I noticed movement amidst the pile of rocks. A large pit viper slithered forth."
Caesura 02:30
"Of course – this had to be what struck me in the middle of my defenseless state of being. I crouched and stared at it, and it stared back at me, until it twisted to wind the other way. Without hesitating, I dashed towards it and grabbed it by its tail, stood up, and repeatedly swung the goddamn serpent to the topmost rock until its head turned to mush. I sat down, holding the scaly creature, now twitching but lifeless, in my hand, and said that I am the kind of person who, no matter the consequences, will always bite back. I swayed from side to side, grinning, and even laughed a little. Then I reverted back to my solemn, lightless self, sank my teeth into the serpent’s flesh and ate it."
There is no meaning. There is no purpose in what we've been put through. Our memories shuffled out of sequence, the timeline expands and contracts at a sporadic but accelerating pace. We came here for ourselves and nothing more. Reach the frontiers of reason to be captured and relieved. Cherish me and leave this nook behind, now. Twitching hour, clinging to every tatter of recollection, whether real or imaginary. Lapsing farther, drifting between visions of burning mountains of dead men and our families left longing. I've forgotten which came first, but is it of importance? All falls out of sequence, all is indifferent. I arrange my thoughts to suit the current narrative. They were on fire when I got here, and nothing more. Twitching hour. I came here for myself and nothing more. Lapsing farther. I came here for myself. "When I stood up, I immediately sank to my knees. The fresh wound throbbing, my chest pulsating, I hurled and fell down, face-first to the ground. Everything went black. I fumbled around as if I was blind; my feet couldn't sustain my own weight, so I dragged myself onwards on the scorching soil. It felt like swimming in a sea of fire. My ears picked up a gallop in the distance, intensifying, acceding. I rolled onto my back when out of nowhere, a pale hoof struck my face, breaking my nose and some teeth. I bawled in distress, as this stampede of an unrecognizable, wilted, and ashen shoal of mammals fled over me. Just when I thought I'd meet my end now, a branch impaled the gravel and my back, intertwining around my spine, slowly lifting me up from the ground. I floundered in haste but to no avail, and before I knew it, I was so high up that I could tell apart the growing mountains on the horizon."
Dissolver 07:44
My head is a nest of vipers, my mouth's an aperture. Squirming forth half-paralyzed with my scorched and contorted limbs. Ankles and wrists furcated, an ocean of vermilion fluid drawn out to water the dead earth. As the haze engulfs me, these mangled thoughts convert into white noise. Our armour isn't here to pull me back on my feet, our hopes and dreams aren't here to vouch for a new day. The mirage of your figure has molten into a shapeless distortion. My spirit lies splintered, my throat choked by furor, my heart pined from grief. Our love dissolves to the thrum of Darwin Falls in the distance. "As I reached the skyline with my hand stretched to reach the lap of space, I heard someone calling my name. All of a sudden, the miles-tall tree I conjoined with ceased to grow, then disappeared. And I fell. I fell for a long, long time. Then everything went black again. I pulled my eyelids open with my fingers to let in the torrid morning light. A fever rose during the night, and I could see how the colour of the skin around my ankle, below the belt, had started to darken. My body and soul tarnished, I reclined on the pile, gathered my thoughts, and after a while, embarked on the toils of a new day."


Fawn Limbs have made a name for themselves by a musical concoction uniting elements from mathcore, grindcore, and noisy electronics, with the result having been a uniquely violent but detailed barrack of sound. The band has always cherished an experimental approach to the idea of music, not fearing stepping outside of their comfort zones repeatedly in the process. A good example of this ingrained aesthetic is their third EP 'Thrum' from 2018 which nearly abandoned all of the band’s custom traits, focusing on atmosphere by means of doom-oriented pace, structured electronics, partly improvised Western-flavoured guitars, and having a story uniting fact and fiction on top of it all, narrated by the band’s drummer Lee Fisher. Now, three years later, 'Darwin Falls' picks up from where that particular EP left off.

While being a sequel of sorts to 'Thrum' by ethos, 'Darwin Falls' extends beyond that particular sonic realm, utilizing the familiar, chaotic and grinding mathcore elements to its mien, all the while adding flavours from doom, post-metal, sludge, and folk music. 'Darwin Falls' is a vortex of tonal tendencies molten into one coherent entity, where all the mentioned, musical aspects seamlessly blend together, forming something that no longer can not be expressed via genre tags or standard categorizations. 'Darwin Falls 'simply sounds like Fawn Limbs, and vice versa. That’s all there is to it, when it comes to force-fed molds and definitions.

Fawn Limbs’ select previous releases have featured one or few guest vocalists, but this time around, there is none, not to the pevious extent at least. Instead, in order to push the envelope more than before, the band invited renowned classical musicians from a global scope to provide additional depth to their newfound self. These musicians, based wherever from New Zealand to Switzerland and from UK to Colombia, introduce entirely a new kind of flavour to Fawn Limbs’ output, with varying instrumentation including but not limited to viola, oboe, saxophone, electric cello, trombone, trumpets, and mellotron, for an example. The outcome is something, that for better or worse, seems to lack competition in the current, worldwide musical climate.


released August 13, 2021

Eeli Helin – Vocals/Guitars/Noise
Lee Fisher – Drums/Narration
Samuel Smith – Bass

Stéphane Babey – Electric cello
David Burke – Trombone
Michael Frei – Piano/Wurlitzer/MikroKorg/Mellotron/Voice
Hanna Ott – Oboe
Philippe Simon – Trumpet
Richard Spencer – Viola
Iván Zapata – Saxophone

Artworks by Eeli Helin
Layouts (vinyl) by Paul Pavlovich

Mixed and mastered by Samuel Vaney at Lead & Sulfur studio


all rights reserved



Fawn Limbs

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Mathematical Chaos

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